Frequently Asked Questions and School Policies

Roadsafe Driving Academy Policies

Students must be at least 15 years of age, the day they start the course. Driving is an adult responsibility. Student conduct is expected to be positive and non-disruptive. Unless specifically noted with the individual student, driving lessons will usually begin and end at the driving school. Students who miss more than 3 classes will be dropped from the drivers education program and will have to restart the program. Students who do not complete the drivers education program within 15 weeks will be dropped and must restart the program and pay a reinstatement fee. Students who feel that 6 hours of driving lessons with our instructors is not enough may choose to pay $60 an hour for additional driving time. Students will be charged a $60 fee for missing a driving appointment that is not canceled within 24 hours of scheduled lesson. By law, students must have their permit in their possession for all driving lessons or they will not be permitted to drive and charged a $60 fee for missing the driving appointment. No refund will be given after first day of the class.

How can I make a Payment?

  • Payment is due in full at the time of registration. We accept debit, credit cards, and bank transfer via PayPal online. Call our customer center for details at (206) 556-3724.

What type of car is used for driving sessions?

  • At Roadsafe Driving Academy we believe that the quality and safety of the vehicles we use in our program is our top priority. Each Roadsafe Academy car is clean, smoke-free and in excellent mechanical shape. For our driving lessons, we have chosen high-quality cars that offer excellent visibility and are fun to drive.

What kind of testing do you offer?

  • We administer knowledge resting and road testing to our teens, adult students, and the general public.

If I am late for class or need to leave early, is that okay?

  • Roadsafe Driving Academy follows the state requirements very closely.
  • Students are NOT allowed into the classroom more than ten minutes late.
  • Students can NOT leave early from class.
  • Students can NOT miss more than 3 classes, according to the Department of Licensing policies.